Using lessons derived from successful government teams, Seeing Excellence identifies the skills and behaviors necessary for teams to succeed. The book dives deeper than others on organizational excellence and leadership. The product of two years “story spotting” for examples of excellent team performance, the focus here is on the practitioner, a level below charismatic leadership and organizational strategy. The book ties these stories together with practical tools and insight about effective team practices, project management, measurement, problem solving, decision making, change and risk management, learning, and lateral leadership. While leadership in large organizations involves considerations that build on the themes in this book, achieving success begins with collaboration on a smaller scale. This book represents a telescopic view of how the “stars” is his book succeeded!


Using lessons derived from effective government teams, Seeing Excellence offers practical tools that pave the way to effectiveness, creativity, and leadership in group settings.

"If you want to make a difference in government, read this book." - Dugan Petty, Senior Fellow, the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government; Past President, NASCIO and NASPO.