Rick Grimm
Chief Executive Officer
NIGP - The Institute for Public Procurement
Carol Wills
Contract Specialist
P-Card Administrator
Academy School District 20, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Carol Wilson
Director of Procurement, State of Connecticuit
President, National Association of State Procurement Officials
Ron Bell
Captain (U.S. Navy, retired)
Director, Virginia Division of Purchases and Supply
Immediate Past President, National Association of State Procurement Officials
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Barb Johnson
Public Procurement Instructor and Practitioner
Former Board Director, NIGP, the Institute for Public Procurement
Creative force behind the book's Purchasing Gone Wild! story.
Dr. Dan Price, D.M.
Project Management Professional
President, Winning Ways Management L.L.C.
Douglas Richins, C.P.M.
CEO, WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization L.L.C.
Past President of NASPO
Former Utah State Purchasing Director
John Utterback
Former Colorado State Purchasing Director
Former Purchasing Director, Colorado State University